The Future of Banning Ranch is Bright

A new acquisition effort for the largest unprotected coastal open space in Southern California provides an unprecedented opportunity to create the Banning Ranch Park & Preserve, combat climate change and promote conservation and access for all.

The 401-acre Banning Ranch property lies along the Santa Ana River where it meets the Pacific Ocean. The site has been occupied by oil operations since the 1940s. Oil operations would be reduced to 17 acres, leaving 384 acres for the Park & Preserve to provide access to open space for 15 million Southern Californians residing within a one-hour drive. Moreover, it would advance a model for low-carbon, climate-resilient coastal stewardship, while protecting sensitive habitat and wildlife.


  • Coastal park access for over 15 million Californians living within a 1-hour drive
  • Resources for underserved and tribal communities
  • Native Nation cultural programming
  • Environmental education, camping, picnicking, wildlife viewing, and coastal research
  • Connects to the existing Santa Ana River Trail, with mountains to-the-sea hiking and biking

“Banning Ranch is an unprecedented opportunity to promote park access for diverse disadvantaged communities, honor Native American cultural heritage, provide educational and recreational programs, protect sensitive habitat and wildlife species, and restore coastal wetlands to help battle climate change.”

– Terry Welsh, MD, President, Banning Ranch Conservancy


  • Restoration of one of the largest remaining coastal wetlands in Southern California
  • Adaptation and resilience to sea level rise
  • Over 90% reduction in oil production footprint
  • Accelerated oil field clean-up to enhance public access
  • Effective carbon sink to capture global warming emissions
  • Train future environmental stewards as climate change leaders
  • Capture polluted runoff and storm protection


  • Wildlife sanctuary for fish and birds, including California gnatcatcher, burrowing owls, least Bell’s vireo, and San Diego fairy shrimp
  • Restoration and protection of habitat for coastal sage scrub, alkali meadows, freshwater and tidal marshes, grasslands, and willow riparian areas

"Fairview Park Alliance supports Banning Ranch Conservancy to restore and preserve Banning Ranch's plants and wildlife for the public to enjoy in perpetuity."

– Kim Hendricks, President, Fairview Park Alliance

Join the efforts to bring this important new project to Southern California.

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